About Us

Our talented chefs.

Our talented chefs.

The King and I Restaurant gives you a taste of Thai cuisine you're not likely to find outside of Thailand. In 1980, Suchin Prapaisilp, with Chef Preeya, opened the first Thai restaurant in Saint Louis.

Chef Preeya's home-style cooking quickly became well-known in Saint Louis. Her dream was to open a restaurant where customers could enjoy all the tastes of Thailand without leaving the city.

Chef Preeya brings our family's kitchen to your table. Her heartfelt passion translates into every dish she creates. Each meal is made from scratch using fresh ingredients without preservatives.

The King & I Restaurant has received the Thai Select Award from the Thai government, given as recognition for being one of the best Thai restaurants overseas.

While we specialize in the style of cooking native to Central Thailand, our menu features dishes that represent the best of authentic home-style Thai cooking and regional specialties like papaya salad (som tom) from Northern Thailand, and curry stew (massaman) from the South.

At King & I, we believe food is an integral part of culture, and that dining is a time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

It is our sincerest hope that when you leave our restaurant, you will consider us family as well.